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How to Steal a  Million Dollars
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Chapter Description:

  1. The Ten Commandments of Crime Plus One.

  2. Thou Shalt Keep Thy Mouth Shut.

  3. Thou Shalt Always Work Alone.

  4. Thou Shalt Study Long, Hard, And Carefully On Each Project.

  5. Thou Shalt Never Draw Attention To Thyself.

  6. Thou Shalt Know The Law.

  7. Thou Shalt Plan Thy Operation Very Carefully.

  8. Thou Shalt Take Thy Time.

  9. Thou Shalt Always Protect My Body And Assets.

  10. Thou Shalt Always Maintain A Legitimate Front.

  11. Thou Shalt Not Be Greedy.

  12. Planning Your Operation-What Do You Want To Do?

  13. How To Prepare Yourself For Your "Big Score."

  14. How To Execute Your Plan.

  15. The Legal System: Your Key To Survival.

  16. Tactics Used By Various Law Enforcement Agencies.

  17. Prison: The Myths And Realities.

  18. How To Disappear From The Face Of The Earth.

  19. How To Obtain Identity Documents.

  20. How To Use Computers In Your Operation.

  21. How To Use The Banking System.

  22. How To Use The Insurance System.

  23. How To Use International Trade.

  24. Good Old-Fashioned Embezzlement.

  25. Bank Fraud.

  26. Real Estate Fraud.

  27. Industrial Espionage.

  28. How To Deal In Weapons And Restricted Technology.

  29. Credit Cards.

  30. Armed Robbery.

  31. Burglary.

  32. Auto Theft.

  33. Counterfeit Money, Stocks, Bonds, And Other Financial Instruments.

  34. Drug Dealing.

  35. Extortion Including Law Suits.

  36. Other Forms Of Fraud.

  37. How To Use Published Sources To Your Best Advantage.

  38. How To Make Your Getaway.

  39. How To Set Up Your Sanctuary.

  40. How To Protect Yourself In Your Sanctuary.

  41. How To Safeguard Your Assets.

  42. My Most Memorable Failures.

  43. My Greatest Triumphs.

  44. Living Happily Ever After.

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