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Alexander hired a team of ex-commandos. He paid them in excess of $2 million dollars. These men went worldwide and captured all twelve of the fugitives on the US Marshal's list.Eleven are now in the USA serving long sentences in various prisons. Alexander's sentence was reduced to 14 years because of changes to the Federal sentencing guidelines. Paul launched several appeals that failed because the US Attorney's office in Miami would not recommend his early release. Paul also launched major lawsuits against the Bernard Kerkirk, former chief of police in New York City, over references to him in his book. He also launched a large lawsuit against Sheriff Jerry Speziale of Passaic Ciunty, New Jersey for his book Without A Badge. Time Warner and Warner Brothers Studios were brought into this lawsuit. It stopped production on the major David Parmut film White Powder for several years. All of Paul's lawsuits were ultimately dismissed by the Federal courts in Georgia.

In March, 2005, a masssive state and Federal investigation was begun against Paul Alexander and his assistant Ricardo dos Santos Neves. Authorities had strong reason to believe that Alexander and Neves were plotting to assassinate Sheriff Jerry Speziale and his family. After a raid on Neves's residence in early April, 2005, mysteriously no charges were filed.

Alexander was released from FCI Jessup, Georgia on June 28,2005. He stayed in ICE (immigration) custody until early September, 2005 when he was deported to Sao Palo, Brasil. Brasilian Federal Police arrested him at the Sao Paulo Airport and transported him to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

Alexander is awaiting trial on Brasilian drug charges that could result in a sentence of 25 years. Brasilian authorities released published claims stating that Alexander had been involved in massive drug trafficking from 1993 to 1999 in Brasil, New Jersey and Florida while he was a prison inmate. Brasilian authorities released information on the seizure of 24 drug smuggling aircraft in Brasil. They also gave extensive details on the seizure of 3.3 tons of cocaine.The street value of this cocaine is $60,000,000.00 They made refrence to an additional 1.5 tons of cocaine seized by US authorities in Florida and New Jersey. This cocaine has a street value of over $27,000,000.00. One has to ask ahy Alexander was not prosecuted in the US for this new drug activity. The American authorities are hiding a lot.

It's also fascinating to note that the US Government has spent in excess of $10 million dollars trying to seize the $100 million dollar fortune Alexander amassed. They seized his $25 million dollar mega yacht in Monte Carlo. They finally convinced Brasilian authorities to seize the rest of his $75 milllion dolalrs assets in Brasil. These have been sold to provide money for drug tratment.

The author had a unique perspective to gather data for this book. He was Paul Alexander's cell mate for 11 months. Alexander authorized him to write his life story as a dramatized biography. He literally "told all" to the author. The author also talked to many of his family members, lawyers, retired Mossad agents, and a very colorful former CIA and OSS officer to get material for this book.

There is suspense, action and adventure. There is the glamour of the jet-set lifestyle with mega yachts, corporate jets, mansions, exotic places, and beautiful women. The author also took careful pains to write the book so that female readers would find it very appealing. There is much romance and many powerful erotic scenes. The book, in the final analysis, is a character study of a good man gone bad and the forces that shaped him.

Laguna is a fascinating and enlightening biography/novel. It will be The Kiss of the Spider Woman of the new millennium. The tall Russian-looking man and Paul Alexander will be remembered for decades just as Molina and Valentin were after Manuel Puig's classic was published in the 70s.

Laguna can be purchased from the following websites: (go to books and enter Jack Walters) (go to books and enter Jack Walters)

A sample chapter is included for you.